Tournament Sort Intro:  Tournament Sort improves the naive selection sort by using a priority queue to find the next element. In selection sort, it takes O(n) operations to select the next element of n elements whereas in tournament sort, it takes O(log n) operations (after building the initial tournament in O(n)). Heap sort is varied by Tournament Sort.



Tournament replacement choice sorts are used to gather the initial runs for external sorting algorithms. Conceptually, the associate degree external file is scanned and its elements are pushed into the priority queue till the queue is full. Then the minimum element is pulled from the queue and written as a part of the primary run. Succeeding input element is scanned and pushed into the queue, and also the min is chosen once more and added to the run. There is a tiny trick that if the new element being pushed into the queue is a smaller amount than the last element added to the run, then the element’s sort value is increased therefore it’ll be a part of succeeding run. On average, a run is a hundred longer than the capability of the priority queue.