Slow Sort (Utterly Useless)

Slow Sort Intro: Slow Sort is a completely useless algorithm.It’s based on the principle of multiply and surrender, a  joke of divide and conquer. It’s recursion pattern turns out to be rather complex, which in turn makes it harder to analyze.

Slow Sort 


procedure slowsort(A,i,j) // sorts Array A[i],...,A[j]
 if i >= j then return
 m := ⌊(i+j)/2⌋ 
 slowsort(A,i,m) // (1.1)
 slowsort(A,m+1,j) // (1.2)
 if A[j] < A[m] then swap A[j] and A[m] // (1.3)
 slowsort(A,i,j-1) // (2)