Update till now for codenza : The 10th version of the app has been released with more than 10k+ programs. Users are complaining that last two/three lines are getting covered by the ads. It’s a custom library and I really can’t do anything about it. I updated the PRO version with R Programming. They are simple programs with very few advanced programs. I shifted very few subjects to the pro version and most of the users weren’t using those subjects anyway. And all users of the free version went berserk. Anyway, the ads have barely earned me anything till now. I have barely covered my hospital bills till now from the money earned in the PRO version. OK then. Just $20k more to go. Asking for money or donation is beyond my limit. Common liver. You can keep it up. Lol

So pratik and I were discussing to design an FPS game. We are also thinking fo putting full-screen ads on every download or 1-minute interval. I had an idea for a medical app too but I need some expert advice on it. I inserted the link to our newly started tech blog. Let’s hope for the best. The amazon app is doing nothing great. I’m thinking it was a waste to put in on the store. There have been barely 25 downloads on kindle. Off course, more programs will be added in codenza with some gaps of months.