Okay so updated the app. And have released the paid version of the app for 0.99$. . Let’s hope someone buys the app. I’ve literally given everything for free. So yes fingers crossed. I wonder how people who can’t code have thousands of suggestions to give and mistakes to point out. I know what bugs i had in my app when i launched the update so guys please, i know what i am doing. Either you shut up or you put up. Code and send me a library if you know what is wrong. Don’t be that prick who messages just to point out faults. Just now one guy said the app is good without money. You wouldn’t be using my app if you knew to code, didn’t you? lol. New Day, New Beginning.
People have become so shameless that they even ask for HTML code snippets. The guy literally had an ER (Engineer Tag). WTF. Do you have a soul bro? Most probably by tomorrow, i will be in this hospital so yup. TTYL until my liver recovers.  Update V_1.5
Update V_1.5