I will keep supporting codenza till I die. I have given almost year of my life to it and it has been one of my most successful projects. Right now as I’m writing this post, it has around 2,20,000+ downloads & 70k active users. Rest users use the app as per needed (Or maybe they just use it copy during exams) and uninstall it later. But I will never say codenza is impressive, I want to do more than just an App or a small community of “just” programmers talking to each other around the world with emails & forums.

This week I will be leaving for Boston for the Boston University Hackathon. Seems fun & challenging, let’s hope I get accepted to Princeton! That would be something, wouldn’t it!

We haven’t decided what we are going to create & I want to avoid the fiasco that happened at Digital Healthcare Hackathon. Anyway, we learn, we adapt & we overcome right. I’m bored with most of the lectures @ Stevens. Sometimes I think, is it really worth getting a Masters? Anyway got to run to the supercomputer meeting in 1 hour! Will keep this updated everyday now.