We are aware of 99% of the issues when we launch an update and out of all the 50k+ downloads, we have only had 4 crashes. Rest 5 are user driven. We are adding some Database languages in the next update. It’s funny how people who can’t code have 1000 of suggestions to give me. I’ve just kinda accepted it that no matter what you do, the customer is never satisfied. The developer of HighlighJs-android gave me an update regarding his development on his library but we are having an issue removing our own method on line numbering beside the programs. There is a lot of space left after each program and we still don’t know why. I am also thinking of releasing a Paid Version as we are barely earning anything. The people of India are not going to buy it. We are sure of it. Because INDIA. Also, thinking of putting the request program option only for PRO version as people are thinking we are their servants and we SHOULD provide them their programs. Now clearly I DO NOT KNOW every programming language thoroughly, I know some of them but certainly not all of them. For me, most of the are not really different. The way of implementation changes for a programming language, the syntax changes but not the core logic. And that is how I help most of them. Now I face a problem when someone asks to code something that is only restricted to that particular programming language. We haven’t made much progress on the syntax and numbering issue yet but we are trying. That’s all I can say. The paid version will mostly be of 4.99$. Still not decided on the figure yet. (Ads Removed) Next Version & Paid Version

Next Version & Paid Version