We launched the update yesterday with many tweaks but in the morning I had a stupid dream that I saw the floating back button wasn’t working. I woke up and checked that it was not being shown on categories without subcategories. I called Pratik and had him fix the issue since he had edited the page early 4 in the morning. We reverted back to the past edit and launched the update. Users from Pakistan UAE Saudi message on the facebook page that the app is blocked. People, there is a reason why we block these countries. We face unwanted DDOS attacks from them.

Even though major changes are made to the app, I still think it can get much better and better with time. People are asking for explanations for every program. I understand the need for explanations of complex and intricate programs since they are unfathomable but even programs like the addition of two numbers need comments and explanations?? Clearly No.
We have specified it on the main activity page itself that this app does not teach programming. It is a reference App.

I am totally drained out working on the SEO part of both the App and website. Let’s hope the hard work pays off.

We acknowledge all reviews of the app but we cannot provide each and every user request. Eg. Some users like only top-down scroll while some like left to right scroll too.