We are working really hard to provide the next update. We have completed 45k downloads in total. In the next update, we will be giving many new programs but JS added and also looking forward to more. We have created pdfs of how to run those programs. Hope they help someone in need. Since we have added so much content and have to support so many devices on the market, the pdf library has itself taken 16mb to implement. The app size has gone from 8mb to 70mb. Our old users matter to us so we have to support them no matter what. People download so much bullshit from the internet, We don’t think downloading a 70mb resourceful app must have an issue. Also, we have changed the UI a bit. Let’s hope it works for everyone & we have added older versions of our app on our website if someone has any issue with the new UI. We are not going to provide anything more than programs. That is our goal and that will always be our goal. There are loads of apps/websites which teach programming. We just don’t want to be another one on the list. The site has been facing some issues with icons lately and I’m thinking it’s because of the new update. We are flooded with requests on facebook lately for programs. What’s making me angry is that users are not even bothering to check the app that the program is given or no. They straight away ask for programs assuming its not there. 99% of the time, the program is present in codenza. The app still has to grow lots, we are not using any money we are getting from the ads. I will most probably use that money to clear all our bills for server space and domain registration. After we provide the last update, the team will only be guiding students for free. I don’t understand user behavior. We have provided a shit load of programs for free. And users keep complaining about ads? Really? I mean the entire team guides people for free and yet users complain about ads.

Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.