Codenza is a Programming GuideBook for IT/Computer Science Students & Professors to help with the aspects of programming. From an Engineer to a Ph.D., everyone can rely on codenza.

How to execute programs?
1] Download the programs on your android phone.
2] Connect your phone and copy the program to your computer.
3] Change the extension and execute in your desired compiler!

Press on Allow on the first run to be able to download programs.

Subjects Covered:
C , C++ , Java , Data Structures using C, C++ & Java, Algorithms using C, C++ & Java, Computer Graphics using C, C++ & Java, PHP, Python, C#, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, Assembly, HTML, Ruby. Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography & Security, Big Data Analysis, Operating System, Microprocessor, Digital Signal Processing, Parallel & Distributing System, Datawarehouse & Mining, System Programming & Compiler Construction(SPCC), Computer Networks, SQL, PLSQL, MYSQL, R Programming.

Programs can be requested from our Facebook page too. We will keep updating our programs list with every update we launch.

Codenza provides programs, it does not teach programming.
We have tried our best to include each and every program needed by a student or teacher around the world.
From an Engineer to a Phd, everyone can rely on codenza.
Users can request a program from “Request a Program” section.

All programs are tested thoroughly, yet if you find errors please report it on our facebook page.
Students can use these programs in practicals and refer to them any time they want.
Each program is just a click away. All you have to do is save and execute.
No internet connectivity is needed once the application is downloaded.
From Computer Graphics to Artificial Intelligence, Merge sort to shell sort, Dijkstra to Kruskal we have covered it all.
We will keep adding programs and subjects in future updates.
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ownload Link: Click Here.